Two tourist struck by lightning


(eTN) – Two tourist were struck by lightning at 17.40 on Sunday evening as they returned to their cruise ship at North Mole. The two tourist, both female passengers, are reported to have been struck during one of the many strikes that thundered over Gibraltar during a heavy spell of deluge which left parts of Gibraltar without satellite transmission, and many roads flooded.

The two female passengers, a 40 year old and a 31 year old were transferred to the local hospital after they were attended at the scene by paramedics. One of the women is believed to have been carrying an umbrella, when the sky was lit up by a lightning bolt. A bolt of lightning striking them as they walked through North Mole.

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The incident is said to have been witnessed by some local drivers at the north mole at the time, who claimed that they were shocked by the incident. Both women are reported to have sustained only minor injuries and were being treated for shock.

Throughout the latter part of the evening Gibraltar saw most of its roads flooded as a heavy deluge left some roads in several feet of water. The lightning strikes are also reported to have left many areas across the north district without satellite transmission or television broadcasting coverage after most dishes were affected by the low strike experienced at around 5.40pm.

“It was terrifying” said a man who had been walking the streets at the time, “it came from now were as if someone had exploded a bomb or something right about the building blocks in the northern end of the town area.” The unusual low level strikes claimed one man was due to the lack of coverage by the upper rocks transmission station, once manned by the MOD, which used to divert strikes towards it leaving the town safe from lightning strikes in the whole.