Gusty storms to drench DC to New York City late Thursday


Press Release: The system that produced flooding and severe thunderstorms in the Midwest Tuesday and Wednesday will move into the East and the Tennessee Valley on Thursday.

The cool front that produced the extreme weather at midweek will not be as potent by the time it reaches the Appalachians and Interstate 95 corridor. However, the storms that reach the East may still pack a punch.

According to Senior Meteorologist Dave Dombek, “Since the front will not reach the I-95 corridor until late in the day Thursday, temperatures will get a boost in the region.”

Temperatures are forecast to climb well into the 80s, along with an uptick in humidity over much of the corridor on Thursday.

“The extra heating during the day has the potential to fuel heavy gusty thunderstorms in the East,” Dombek said.

Storms will affect the Appalachians, Tennessee Valley, Arkansas and portions of Texas during the midday and afternoon hours.

Cities from Dallas to Little Rock, Arkansas; Nashville; Charleston, West Virginia; State College, Pennsylvania, and Albany, New York can expect the potential for disruptive downpours at any time on Thursday.

The storms are not likely to reach the I-95 swath from Richmond, Virginia, to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston until late in the day or during the evening. This means outdoor activities may continue without interruption for much of the day.

However, the storms could slow the Thursday late afternoon commute in some locations and impact airline travel during Thursday evening along the I-95 corridor.

There is the possibility of showers and a drenching, gusty thunderstorm for the Thursday evening NFL game between the Steelers and Ravens at Baltimore.

Drenching showers and thunderstorms will settle into the South on Friday and linger into the weekend.

Play could be affected at the PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta, especially during Friday and Saturday.

Much cooler air will move into the region in stages late this week into early next week. A batch of rain will affect part of the Northeast on Saturday, ahead of the coolest air since last spring.

The air mass may bring scattered frost to portions of upstate New York, northern Pennsylvania and northwestern New England on multiple nights early next week.