Mozambique and Brazil to cooperate in tourism


Maputo — The governments of Mozambique and Brazil formalized in Maputo on Tuesday their cooperation relations in the area of tourism, focusing mainly on staff training.

The document to that effect was signed between Mozambican Tourism, Sports and Youth Minister Fernando Sumbana, and his Brazilian counterpart Luis Barreto.

At the signing ceremony, Sumbana explained that staff training is now a critical area for Mozambique, since the large number of tourism undertakings being established require qualified staff.

According to Sumbana, this agreement is to formalize a partnership already existing between the two countries in this area. “We are concerned with basic training. We want to have a good waiter, a good cook, a good professional to serve drinks, and everything else that concerns the clients. This is the line we intend to develop’, he said.

For his part, Barreto said “we expect to increase the influx of visitors from both sides, to have more Brazilians coming to Mozambique and Mozambicans going to Brazil. We are going to work to integrate our countries even closer, and put the Mozambican business community in a closer contact with their Brazilian counterparts”.

‘We have a lot to learn from Mozambique, and we believe that Mozambicans also have a lot to learn from us. We want a commercial relationship, of partnership, and of equality’, he said.