No Danger for Tourists in Iran


eTN received a number of responses from tourism industry professionals in Iran. Here is a letter summarizing information in regards to safety of foreign tourists in the country:

Thank you for your sincere enthusiasm in human rights, situation in Iran, and the safety of tourists at this time in Iran,

At the moment there is great competition along with demonstration between present president who is in power and has all Islamic Government support
Including Radio & TV , Pasdaran army , Basij , villagers and poor people, the other is Dr.Mosavi that his followers are mostly young people , educated people from the big cities, Iranian reformists Who Want change and more respect for Iranian human rights,

I don’t think there is any danger for the tourists if they don’t involve themselves with the demonstration and do not go there (the places are informed for demonstration in advance ). At the moment, we have 3 English tourists, 3 French tourists, 1 tourist from Belgium, they are visiting Iran without any problem , we had a group of 15 pax American for the day after tomorrow (19 of June), but they cancelled a few minutes ago.

With best regards,

Managing Director
major Iranian Ground Operator
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