Iron Maiden singer helps stranded tourists get home


Iron Maiden’s frontman Bruce Dickinson has come to the rescue of stranded holidaymakers following the collapse of holiday company XL.

When XL went bust it left hundreds unable to get back to the UK, so qualified pilot Dickenson ‘flew’ to the rescue.

Piloting a specially-chartered jet, Dickinson flew tourists back to Blighty from Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt and the Greek island of Kos.

Talking to Sky News, Dickinson said,

“I think they (the holidaymakers) were relieved they were going home and finally that something definite was happening. It’s obviously very stressful being stuck in a foreign country and not knowing 100 percent what’s going on. It’s probably even difficult even for reps of the company to find out 100 percent what’s going on”.

Dickinson has flown commercial aircraft for years, and when Iron Maiden tour he pilots the group’s own Boeing 747 – which is rather brilliantly named Ed Force One after the band’s mascot Eddie.