Six Senses Destination Spa – Phuket ranked in SpaFinder’s top ten mother-and-daughter spas


Six Senses Destination Spa – Phuket, the group’s first total-wellness retreat located on the tiny island of Naka just five minutes offshore from Phuket, was the only resort in Asia to be selected in the recently-released Top Ten List of SpaFinder’s Mother-and-Daughter Spas. This raises the question as to what makes Six Senses Destination Spa – Phuket the utopian place in which all senses are united and body, soul, and spirit recharged a “Mother-and-Daughter” favorite?

Since its opening in November 2008, Six Senses Destination Spa – Phuket, has seen mothers and daughters traveling from countries as far away as Monaco, Spain, Germany, Dubai, South Africa, and the United States, often to reunite. However, it is more than reunification… it is the opportunity to escape the stresses of urban life and noise and air pollution as they are whisked away from Phuket on a luxury speedboat to a private island providing a cocoon of wellness, tranquillity, and peace. This is supported by the total absence of intrusive noise, as guests are requested to only use mobile phones in the privacy of their villas.

It is a time for bonding and reflection. The absence of television opens doors to reconnect with one another and oneself, to heal hurts resulting from traumatic events such as relationship break-ups, to soothe stress and pain, and to inspire and boost one’s wellness and take new ideas and skills home for long-term healthier living.

No matter from where mother and daughter come, when they sound the traditional Asian gong on departure, wishes have come true, negative emotions have been converted into positive energy, stress has been turned into vitality, and spirit and the soul has been enriched in the cocoon of wellness and inspiration created at Six Senses Destination Spa – Phuket.

More often than not, the delicious and nutritious wellness-inspired cuisine, using locally-sourced fish and seafood and fresh vegetables from the resort’s own gardens, plus raw food preparation techniques, leaves the body lighter, without effort or struggle, nor deprivation. What women – mother and daughter – would not be enchanted by this?