HONOLULU, HI (September 15, 2008) – In conjunction with its ongoing effort to reduce fuel costs, Hawaiian Airlines has signed an agreement with Aviation Partners Boeing to purchase Blended Winglets for installation on eight Boeing 767-300ER jets and options to purchase seven additional pairs of Blended Winglets.

The winglets, which stand 11-feet tall and extend upward from the end of each wing, will reduce the drag caused by the traditional wingtip design and are expected to save Hawaiian up to 5 percent in fuel consumption, resulting in a savings of more than 300,000 gallons of jet fuel annually per aircraft.

Mark Dunkerley, Hawaiian’s president and CEO, noted that Hawaiian is one of the industry’s first B767 operators to purchase and install the winglets, which are expected to receive FAA certification later this year.

“Being among the first airlines to install fuel-saving winglets on the Boeing 767-300ER aircraft is another important step in Hawaiian’s strategy to be an industry leader in introducing innovations that keep costs down and help the environment,” said Dunkerley. “This technology investment keeps us at the forefront of the industry at a critical time.”

Installation of the winglets on the eight aircraft is scheduled to begin in September 2009 and be completed in 2010.

In addition to fuel savings, other benefits of the winglets include increasing the weight that the aircraft can carry and/or range of the aircraft, reducing engine maintenance costs, improving take-off capabilities and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Aviation Partners Boeing, a joint venture of Aviation Partners Inc. and The Boeing Company estimates that the installation of Blended Winglets on an aircraft saving 300,000 gallons of jet fuel can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 3,000 tons annually.