US Airways to cut 300 positions in Las Vegas and Phoenix


LAS VEGAS – At a time when the Las Vegas unemployment rate hovers above 10 percent, hundreds of US Airways flight attendants are being asked to accept work furloughs that could last as long as 16 months.

The airline said Monday it would have to cut 300 positions in Las Vegas and Phoenix because the two cities have seen the largest “capacity reductions in flying since last summer,” according to a newsletter issued to workers.

Another 100 cuts are planned for Boston, Charlotte, New York LaGuardia, Philadelphia and Washington’s National Airport.

“We have waited as long as we could to address our overstaffing situation hoping that attrition and other voluntary leave options would offset the need for today’s action,” said Hector Adler, vice president for in-flight services.

The airline said involuntary furloughs could be the next option if not enough employees agree to the first offer.

In April, US Airways reported a 26 percent drop in passenger traffic compared to the same month in 2008. That followed a 33 percent drop in March, compared to March 2008.