In the past 30 years, we agents have attended countless sales meetings, giving our time, and interest to keeping ourselves updated on our suppliers ideas, suggestions and whims. We have flew to different training sites. We heard hours of sales representative tell us their new ideas would put our sales over the top. The Internet will make things more accessible and our staff will love it.

Delta was one of the first with the Microsoft Windows on our GDS [Global Distribution System] and we got lots of free tickets to ATL [Atlanta] to learn the product. Imagine our faces when this company announced to us they were the first to stop paying us commission for sales. Talk about a slap in the face.

I feel we the travel agent where the ones that kept their sales up we added more personnel than they would ever hire. And once they set our office up to open up to the web we were demised. Our clients were told to go to their website, not their travel agent.

Now we sit and watch the cruise lines follow with their reps asking for our customers’ telephone and email address only to have them give it to their own sales people call and offer deal our clients directly for new sales. I do believe travel agencies will be “no longer” exist. They are secretly phasing us out.

Sad, it’s like an ending of a good marriage.

DeLaine Godin
Manager, Affordable Travel