Amsterdam: Beer + Bike = Fun


In a canal-threaded city of bicycling masses, so-called “beer bikes” are part of the landscape. Holding 10 or more people, these people-powered bars on wheels are popular with tourist groups in Amsterdam.

Because of two recent publicized accidents, however, their safety is being scrutinized.

“This beer bike is completely legal, but he [City Councilor Hans Gerson] is not very enthusiastic about this idea of people drinking while being amongst traffic,” said a spokesperson quoted in a Reuters report.

Yet, continued the article, the spokesperson “downplayed the possibility of a ban, stressing the alderman is looking into various options.”

In the report, the owner of claims that his company “only rents a beer bike out with a driver and has never been involved in an accident.”

The rentals seats up to 22 people, including a nondrinking driver. A two-hour tour on the weekend costs about $34 per person, including beer. The bike is pitched on the website as “de biggest beer bike in the world with 30 liters of beer on board.”

Another company, the Fietscafe, which calls itself a “mobile pub, for groups up to 17 people per bike,” requires a sober driver, according to its website.