Dubai International Airport: To panic or not to panic


DUBAI (eTN) – At around 5:00 am on Sunday morning here at the Dubai International Airport, passengers were rattled by the sound of the alarm going off. People at the airport weren’t quite sure how to react, as airport personnel first said it was a “drill” but later said the alarm came because of an explosion on a water pipe from “underneath the terminal” and that they “were looking for someone” to turn the alarm off.

No passenger announcements were made and after more than one hour hearing this high pitch and very loud alarm passengers and airport staff started to ignore the issue.

“If this has happened in the US, there would be chaos by now, “ said an eyewitness. “It is hard to believe that a thing like this can happen at a prominent Middle East airport and have people react the way that they do.”

Airport officials have declined to issue an official statement about the incident. However, they did confirm that there is no cause for alarm at this point.