Thailand update on influenza A (H1N1)


Seventeen cases of influenza A (H1N1) infection have been confirmed in the Eastern Seaboard resort of Pattaya after two Taiwanese visitors were also found to be infected on their return home from holiday there.

The infections were confirmed after a program of random testing involving 25 clinics, 6 hospitals, and the Public Health Centre was implemented in Pattaya, where 420,000 doses of anti-viral medicine are stockpiled.

The discotheque, which the two Taiwanese visitors were known to have visited, has been closed for seven days.

Three new cases of influenza A (H1N1) infection were meanwhile reported in Bangkok on June 10, 2009. Of these, one case has been confirmed. The patient has been isolated and is being closely monitored.

Thailand’s national flu outbreak status has been upgraded from Level A where patients had contracted the virus outside Thailand to Level B where there has been human-to-human transmission inside the country.

Health authorities confirmed the first case of domestic infection on June 4, within a month of the first case being reported in Thailand. The second case of human-to-human transmission confirmed in Thailand was on June 10.

As of June 9, and prior to the newly-confirmed cases in Pattaya, Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) officially reported a cumulative total of 13 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza A (H1N1) infection in the country.

The three new cases that tested positive in Thailand for the H1N1 virus on June 9, bringing the cumulative total to 13, had all returned from a trip to the United States and Canada. They have already been discharged from the hospital but are still receiving medication. Their family members have been placed in quarantine.

Health authorities have stepped up influenza surveillance operations across the country. The MOPH has dispatched Surveillance and Rapid Response teams to various locations to monitor newle-confirmed cases and suspected cases and to investigate possible new sources of infection.

All cases reported in May 2009 and before June 9 have fully recovered following treatment with the anti-viral drug, Oseltamivir.

No deaths relating to influenza A (H1N1) have so far been reported in Thailand.


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There are two 24-hour hotlines in service, namely, the Ministry of Public Health Hotline 02 590 1994 (for calls within Thailand) or +66 2 590 1994 (for calls from abroad), and the Department of Disease Control 02 590 3333 (for calls within Thailand) or +66 2 590 3333 (for calls from abroad).

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