Cape Town’s Live It, Love It, Louder – Countdown to the 2010 FIFA World Cup


Cape Town Tourism today celebrated the beginning of a year-long countdown to the much anticipated 2010 FIFA World Cup. The symbolic football kick-off from Table Mountain was mirrored by the launch of an extensive new 2010 mini-site for Cape Town; , which serves as a portal for would-be 2010 visitors in the planning of their trip to the 2010 FIFA World Cup and Cape Town. The site is also a resource for visitors and locals on the 2010 FIFA World Cup and Cape Town prior to and for the duration of the games. was created for Cape Town Tourism by Flow Communications, who also revamped Cape Town Tourism’s website into a highly successful resource with plenty of human interest; a move that has significantly enhanced Cape Town’s presence on the web and the time spent by users learning more about Cape Town on-line. Following the main website’s model of multi-level touch points, the 2010 mini-site has a number of interactive features which include:
* A slideshow of Green Point Stadium at various stages of construction
* A newsfeed of all 2010-related news from South African news outlets
* An email subscriber newsletter and SMS notification service, to keep fans up to date with the latest 2010 news and events relating to Cape Town
* A Member Zone where members of the tourism industry can download presentations and handy information on the 2010 FIFA World Cup
* A 2010 blog with the inside scoop on how Cape Town is gearing up for 2010
* Frequently asked questions on topics such as stadiums, tickets and transport
* An accommodation section with the choice of nearly 1000 establishments for fans to book their accommodation for 2010, emphasizing SMME establishments
* Guides to getting around Cape Town, entertainment hotspots and what to see and do in the Mother City to make sure that visitors’ time spent in Cape Town is extended
* Top 100 attractions to visit in Cape Town while at the 2010 World Cup
*An interactive video portal where fans can upload their YouTube fan videos
* An interactive Google Map where users can explore the city’s major attractions and 2010-related events
* A Twitter portal, where users can view and post 2010-related twitter posts from around the world
* Multi-lingual fan pages will follow soon
Cape Town Tourism CEO, Mariette du Toit-Helmbold presented the new 2010 website to a gathering of guests and media directly after the One Year to Kick-Off event held at noon on Table Mountain; “The web is the most effective platform to show the world just why Cape Town is such a remarkable host city and inspire visitors to make Cape Town their address of choice before, during and after the World Cup. We have invested in the latest web technology and cutting edge design to showcase Cape Town to the world, whilst creating an interactive space where locals can celebrate their city and learn more about the Beautiful Game.”
Cape Town Tourism plans a fun and exciting year of citizen activations to raise local enthusiasm and pride to an all time high ahead of our role as 2010 host city. The Live It, Love it, Louder! Campaign turns up the volume on Cape Town’s Live It, Love It mantra; “The philosophy is the same – Cape Town is an authentic place with so much beauty, contrast and texture, so much to love,” comments Du Toit-Helmbold, “Local citizens are central to the success of the event. For 2010, we are saying let’s do all the things that we do in Cape Town, but let’s make more noise, have more fun and look brighter than ever for our warmest welcome ever.” 
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