UAL workers to protest annual meeting


United Airlines (UAL) workers are furious with repeated bonus programs, worth hundreds of millions US dollars, that continue to be paid to its airline executives while workers are still being forced to endure concessions.

For a third consecutive year, UAL flight attendants will join other workers to protest the greed and poor decisions of UAL CEO Glenn Tilton and airline senior management.

As the upper echelon of UAL lines its pockets with bonus money, 50,000 UAL workers have lost their jobs, and even though the price of UAL’s stock took a nose dive, payouts were still made to shareholders.

The UAL board sat quietly during last year’s annual shareholder meeting as Glenn Tilton told one of United’s #1 customers to take his business elsewhere if he didn’t like what was happening at United. Airline workers are wondering what the UAL board will allow Tilton to say this year.

UAL’s annual meeting will be held on June 11 from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm at Linneman and Algonquin Road in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Protestors will be at that location on hour prior to the start of meeting and will remain for the duration.