Rob Booker, Lou Basenese Back to Your Financial Future Event

When earning money through smart investments became a thing, people began developing an extreme interest in stories of those who achieved great success without having to suffer the mundane difficulties of a 9 to 5 job.

This is why webinars such as the upcoming Back To Your Financial Future event has received massive amounts of attention. This particular webinar, scheduled for October 14th at 1 pm, will offer a special treat — a new service by two of America’s most trusted financial gurus — Rob Booker and Lou Basenese.

The pair plans to share their stories and explain to the attendees how they can turn a small $500 investment into a massive $1.1 million. All that you need to do is show up and learn how to use their system to make a fortune for yourself.

First things first — if you don’t know what Back to Your Financial Future is, let’s start with that, and move further into the story that could help you earn a fortune.

What is Back to Your Financial Future?

As mentioned before, Back to Your Financial Future is a webinar, which will take place in about a week, on October 14th. The event is scheduled to start at 1 pm, and it will feature Rob Booker and Lou Basenese along with a Delorean time machine.

During the event, the two will reveal their secret to achieving great fortune — a secret that allows you to turn $500 into $1.1 million. While we all know that time travel is impossible, a similar concept is exactly what these two financial gurus have to offer, to let you completely rewrite your financial future. In fact, this is the very reason why the webinar is called Back to Your Financial Future.

We have now learned from movies that traveling to the past and changing something can lead to major consequences. The same can be said for the financial world.

If you were to ask any open-minded individual what they would do if they could time travel, they would probably choose to go back to early 2009 and buy Bitcoin, back when its price was less than a cent. Eight years later, each coin will have been worth $20,000, and those who did repurchase it then, and then sold it in 2017 are millionaires today.

You could go even further back to the early ’90s and buy Google or Amazon stocks. We all know how massive these companies are today, but who could have thought that would be the case thirty years ago?

Unfortunately, we cannot actually time travel, as we established before, and neither can Booker and Basenese. However, you don’t have to travel back from the future to change it. You can make smart moves right now and change your financial future before it even happens.

Booker and Basenese do not aim to offer you simple stock investment advice, but rather, a set of simple, but effective, financial movements that will do exactly that.

The pair has a five-step investment system capable of earning you millions in less than six months. So, how would you feel about learning about that possibility? You don’t even have to think about it as a possibility, but a working strategy that will do exactly that in the same amount of time.

The duo also has a sales page full of testimonials left by those who invested small amounts, only to earn tens of thousands of dollars. One individual invested $13,000, only to end up with $34,000 barely four months after the fact.

Now, if you think that the webinar can be useful, you are free to attend and check it out for yourself. You are under no obligation to invest or even pay for attendance. Come to the event, and hear out the two investors, and then you can judge their story and their financial advice for yourself.

If you decide to signup, you will, in fact, have the opportunity to subscribe to Micro-Cap Advantage, and discover all the details of the system, and learn exactly how and why it works.

This will require you to pay $1,495 per year. However, you can think of it as an investment that will allow you to make far greater amounts than that, once you know how everything works.

Not only that, but you will also receive an eBook called The Future Millionaire’s Playbook: 2021 Edition. This will tell you all about how you can earn massive ROI by investing only $500.

What will this webinar teach you?

The webinar offers to teach you how to turn a small investment into a fortune and how to do it quickly. The moneymaking system itself will be revealed to those who decide to attend, of course. However, we can talk about some claims that were made about the course.

For example, you don’t need more than $500 to get started, or the fact that you don’t need any special financial account to make a profit. You can use a simple brokerage account to get started, and the moneymaking system that the two gurus are offering.

The system itself consists of five ‘plays’ that can help you become a millionaire. Basenese used it himself, investing $200,000 and earning massive returns that led him to today.

You, of course, don’t have to invest that much. Use only a little. Use $500 to start and test the system, and then, when you see that it works, you can make a real investment and become a millionaire in a matter of months.

It all revolves around buying the right micro-cap stock before it explodes with growth, and this webinar will teach you how to identify it through five filters.

What are the five filters all about?

The five filters are as follows:

  • 1. You must choose the stock that has a market cap lower than $500 million.
  • 2. The stocks you choose must have the potential to explode by 1,000%.
  • 3. Your chosen stocks must come with minimal risk.
  • 4. You must choose businesses that can attract fresh capital
  • 5. You must buy stocks with an immediate, upcoming catalyst.

Basenese’s micro-cap millionaire stocks are fully revealed in the eBook that you will receive by subscribing, and you can receive advice about the companies you should invest in.

Obviously, we cannot reveal them here or spoil the book and the webinar alike. However, you can rest assured in knowing that this kind of financial advice is an extremely worthy piece of information to have in order to make an educated, informed decision.

What exactly do you get by subscribing?

As mentioned, if you subscribe to Micro-Cap Advantage, you will get quite a lot of things. That includes:

  • Micro-Cap Advantage’s monthly issues
  • An eBook called Top 5 Future Millionaire Stocks for 2021
  • The Future Millionaire’s Playbook: 2021 Edition
  • The 3 Pillars to Safely Making a Fortune in Micro-Caps
  • A strategy- How to Boost your Micro-Cap Advantage Profits by 37% Instantly

What do you need to do?

If all of that sounds good to you, you will be happy to know that all you need to do is enter your email address to the Back To Your Financial Future webinar’s website, and you can attend completely free.

However, you will also have to subscribe to receive access to all the monthly issues and the books, which will cost you $1,495 per year. If you think about it, that’s only $125 per month, so the price is not really that high, and it can change your life forever, so you should definitely think about it.

If you subscribe, know that your subscription can automatically renew once it expires in one year. However, the renewal will cost you $3,000 per year, the subscriber’s normal price.

By subscribing now allows consumers to register at a 50% discount, which is an opportunity that you should not pass upon.

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