DENVER, CO (September 11, 2008) – The Teamsters union on Thursday said it will oppose Frontier Airlines Inc.’s attempt to subcontract maintenance work.

Frontier told the union during negotiations that it intends to outsource all of the heavy C-check work to a foreign country.

“The Teamsters adamantly and steadfastly opposes any subcontracting of maintenance work with the resulting job losses,” said Teamsters Local 961 president Matthew Fazakas. “The company has not demonstrated a need to send the work to a foreign country.”

Teamsters Local 961, Teamsters Local 41, Teamsters Local 104 and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters comprise the union’s negotiating committees. They met with Frontier five times since September 4.

Frontier has also proposed an extension of the interim wage concession agreement reached in May. The company wants to continue the wage reductions for an extended period for all groups represented.

According to the interim agreement, wages will return to the full contract rate on September 27.

“The company has not demonstrated a need for an extension of the interim concession agreement,” Fazakas said. “The Teamsters members employed at Frontier are standing strong and united against the company’s attempts to subcontract our good-paying Colorado jobs to a foreign country and to get uneven and unfair concessions.”

The Teamsters represent 425 Frontier employees, including mechanics, appearance agents and material specialists.

Founded in 1903, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents 1.4 million hardworking men and women in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.