Tourists warned about crime in T&T

The Australian government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has updated its travel advisory on Trinidad and Tobago. It advises tourists to exercise a high degree of caution while visiting these shores .

The Web site states that there are high levels of serious crime in T&T and tourists should pay attention to their personal security and monitor the media for certain risks that might present itself. Meanwhile, the Web site for the US Department of State also claimed that there are violent crimes and Trinidad as well as in Tobago.

It stated in several paragraphs that the perpetrators of these crimes were not being arrested. The site says that several travelers have been victims of robberies soon after leaving the Piarco International Airport. It noted that passengers have been accosted on the highway, airport parking lots and near residences. It says that there has been an increase of crimes during the holiday seasons and even gave further information for international child abduction. It mentioned the series of bombings in Port-of-Spain in 2005 when there were explosions on four occasions.

“The perpetrators have not been arrested, their IDs unknown or their motives unknown,” it said.

Up to this day, there has been no arrest in connection with the series of explosions. The explosions took place on Frederick Street, George Street, St James and in the dumper behind the Independence Square KFC. The site said that due to the high crime, tourists should avoid Laventille, Morvant, Sea Lots, south Belmont and scenic routes such as the Queen’s Park Savannah.