SCTA conducts an Eco-Tourism Training Course


As a part of its efforts to support eco-tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) conducted lately a training trip as a part of the “Leave No Trace” program. The training program was attended by 22 trainees from various governmental agencies in Al- Madinah Al-Munawarah including: the Islamic University, the Department of Education, the Technical Training College, and the College of Tourism and Hospitality in Al-Madinah region.

SCTA’s “Leave No Trace” program aims at qualifying national cadres to apply the principles of the program in environmental tours, and training trips. The program consisted of two parts; theoretical part which was conducted at the College of Tourism and Hospitality, in which the principles and ethics of dealing with natural areas were introduced, and a practical part which in the trainees applied the Leave No Trace principles at Al Bedah Wildlife Park, during of which the trainees were acquainted with the impacts of negatives practices, as well as the positive effects of applying Leave no Trace in tourism trips.

In addition, SCTA conducted an advanced training program for trip leaders in “Leave No Trace” program last February 2009, under the supervision of a number of international and national experts in this field, in which 40 participants from all over the Kingdom were trained. SCTA’s Leave No Trace initiative trained over 781,600 participants around the Kingdom.