JetBlue Airways has announced that it is auctioning off over 300 round trip flights on auction website EBay. The flights being offered are only for weekends. Trips for September and October are available. JetBlue will start off each auction at only a nickel.

While the practice of auctioning off an airline ticket is not a new concept the quantity being auctioned is. If the auctions prove to be successful for JetBlue it might potentially become the next outlet for the company to sell tickets which could help fill up empty planes.

The spokesperson for JetBlue, Alison Eshelman, said that “We’re always looking for new outlets for passengers to purchase JetBlue flights. If they say they find value in it, we would consider doing it again.”

The airline notes that September and October tend to be less heavily travelled and even more so on weekends during those months. The auctioned airline tickets will try to help sell these less in demand tickets. All flights will leave on a Thursday or Friday. Flights would not return into either Sunday or Monday.

The flights to be auctioned leave from numerous airports including Long Beach, Boston, New York, and Fort Lauderdale. Destinations include Las Vegas, Washington DC, and Seattle.

Also being auctioned by JetBlue are six vacation packages. Four of the vacation packages have been kept a secret and bidders will only have a vague idea of what the package includes when they bid on it. The other two packages were for the Bahamas and Las Vegas.