Family international vacation trends revealed

AIG Travel has released the result of an informal poll of its customers or agents on various travel-related topics.

Family international vacation trends revealed

AIG Travel has released the result of an informal poll of its customers or agents on various travel-related topics.

“With summer travel upon us, we’ll share feedback received from U.S. travel agents regarding trends for 2014 international family vacations and explain how travel insurance helped with one family’s vacation abroad,” AIG Travel said in its July newsletter.

Below are the results of this month’s AIG Travel poll of agents:
Budget for Abroad:
When it comes to planning for vacations, there are certain aspects that require a more significant portion of the budget than others. Of the travel agents polled, 39% reported that their clients invest most of their budget in flights, followed by hotel accommodations (27%), tour reservations (24%), cruises (6%) and food and beverage packages (1%).

Travel Hot Spots:
According to agents polled, families looking to travel internationally this year are most inclined to retreat to the Caribbean/Mexico (49%) or Western Europe (32%). Far fewer agents reported Eastern Europe (3%), Central America (3%) and South America (1%) as popular travel destinations among families.

Affordability Trumps Availability:
Agents said that families planning an international trip are most attracted to the affordability of travel to the area and local activities (52%), while others (30%) noted the importance of activities for both adults and kids. Less important factors in choosing an international destination include no visa requirements (3%), a place where English is commonly spoken/understood (6%), transit time (2%) and educational offerings (2%).

Popular 2014 Tours:
Agents have found that families traveling abroad are predominantly booking tours centered on the history of a destination (44%) or its ecology/nature (22%). Other clients (23%) are intrigued by tours surrounding adventure, beach, or all-inclusive tours offering a variety of activities. Both architecture and culinary tours are less popular amongst those traveling abroad with families in 2014 (1%).

No Procrastination:
Families planning an international trip this summer are scheduling travel plans well in advance of vacation. Agents polled report that families generally book 5-7 months in advance (41%), followed by 8-10 months (34%) and 2-4 months (13%), with only 1% booking less than 2 months prior to departure.

Youngest of Travelers:
Of family members traveling on international trips this summer, agents found that clients are most often vacationing with a combination of children of varying ages (49%). Other clients reported international travel being most commonly planned with elementary school aged kids (10%), tweens (16%), teenagers (15%) and grown children – college or older (9%).

Concerns for Traveling Abroad:
Agents shared that their clients traveling with families on an international trip are most concerned with medical emergencies (32%), while security/safety (29%), trip interruptions/delays (24%) and lost or stolen personal items (4%) are also of concern.

Prepared Jetsetters:
Many factors come into play when traveling with kids out of the country, and because of this, agents overwhelmingly reported that clients are more likely to purchase travel insurance for international trips as opposed to domestic (87%). Other agents (13%) reported that clients are just as likely to purchase travel insurance for domestic trips. Less than 1% of agents reported that clients were less likely to purchase travel insurance for international trips.

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