Typhoon Matmo to threaten Taiwan and China

Typhoon Matmo is expected to strengthen and threaten Taiwan and China later this week.

Typhoon Matmo to threaten Taiwan and China

Typhoon Matmo is expected to strengthen and threaten Taiwan and China later this week.

While thunderstorm activity continues to flourish around Matmo, the typhoon is still having trouble developing an eye.

However, Matmo remains in a region conducive to tropical development. As a result, AccuWeather.com meteorologists still feel that significant strengthening is likely through Tuesday night, local time.

This satellite image of Typhoon Matmo, courtesy of NOAA, was taken Monday evening, local time. The northern Philippines are seen just west of the typhoon.

While Matmo will not make landfall in the Philippines, northern parts of the country will still feel some effects from the storm as it passes by to the northeast.

Heavy rain will also target western parts of the Philippines as Matmo enhances a tropical southwesterly flow from the South China Sea leading to a threat for dangerous flooding in parts of Mimaropa, Visayas and Luzon.

Through Wednesday, highly populated areas such as Manila can see 50-100 mm (2-4 inches) of rain with isolated total in excess of 200 mm (8 inches) which will lead to the threat for flooding.

Rammasun brought damaging wind and flooding rainfall to this same area less than a week ago.

Because significant strengthening is expected as Matmo moves to the northwest towards Taiwan, residents should already be taking action to be prepared for damaging winds and flooding.

The eastern coast of Taiwan will see impacts from Matmo beginning Tuesday with outer bands of squally showers and thunderstorms moving into eastern parts of the island. However, the greater impacts will not arrive until Tuesday night and Wednesday while the typhoon moves across or near the country.

Rainfall will average 100-200 mm (4-8 inches) across much of Taiwan, with local amounts in excess of 300 mm (12 inches). Damaging winds over 120 kph (75 mph) will also be directed at northern and eastern Taiwan.

There remains the possibility that Matmo will pass just to the east and north of Taiwan. Regardless, damaging wind and flooding rainfall are still expected. The worst conditions will still occur in northern and eastern parts of the island even if the storm does track further north than expected.

Matmo will also bring rain and wind to the southern Ryukyu Islands of Japan Tuesday into Wednesday. However, impacts will be confined to the islands immediately east of Taiwan and will remain to the south and west of Okinawa which was impacted by Typhoon Neoguri early in July.

Once crossing near or over Taiwan, Matmo is expected to cross the Formosa Strait (Taiwan Strait) and will move into eastern China Wednesday night into Thursday. Areas from northern Fujian to Zhejiang will be at the greatest risk during this time.

After pushing into eastern China, Matmo will be pulled northward by a trough, tracking west of Shanghai across the interior of China. This interaction with land will weaken the cyclone to a tropical storm by Friday.

A northeast turn will eventually take Matmo into the Korean Peninsula later this week where heavy rain and flooding will be a major concern.

Impacts from Matmo will be well to the north of southern China and northern Vietnam, areas that were recently impacted by Rammasun just days ago.

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