Creme egg advert to help tourism


A £25m marketing campaign is being launched to encourage more tourists to visit the Heart of England to help businesses through the recession.

The Advantage West Midlands TV advert features people in medieval dress at Warwick Castle re-enacting the “execution” of a Cadbury’s creme egg.

The development agency said tourists in London had reacted positively to it.

It said tourism was worth about £6bn a year to the West Midlands and people had to know what was on offer.

Sam Warnock, the regional development agency’s head of marketing said it was “absolutely crucial” to let tourists in London know what attractions were available in the West Midlands.

The advert was shown to a sample of tourists in London earlier.

Mr Warnock said: “The Heart of England has something very special to offer to a range of different audiences. They don’t know what’s on offer just a short drive from the capital.”