MIAMI, FL (September 4, 2008) – On international long-haul distance flights from South America operated by LAN, passengers will now be able to take advantage of a new on-board programming offer that places LAN among the airlines that offer the most variety and onboard entertainment in the world.

The Economy Class has been in complete renovation and now offers high-resolution individual screens with movie formats in every one of the seats. This translates into over 85 alternatives; 32 new and all-time favorite movies and 55 channels that show series and documentaries. During 2008, the complete first season of Prison Break and 6 series of Dr. House will also be available.

LAN passengers can choose from the variety of programming options by using the audio system and the on-demand video with fast forward, rewind or pause options from the moment the passenger desires to use them. The system also features touch screen technology to comfortably and easily select options directly on the screen or if it is preferred, the remote control may also be used.

The music collection is vast with over 450 CD’s. There is something for every taste and style from rock to classical music. Monthly, there are 10 CDs added to the collection and there is also an option to create your own playlist. Additionally, there are 14 individual videos games offered and two with a multi-player option (for chess and Battleship) that allows passengers to play with other passengers onboard.

LAN has invested significantly in this new service. “The long-haul flight times will feel shorter with LAN’s new entertainment options. During the flight, our passengers may enjoy the opportunity to choose from a broad variety of programs, music and games. Our goal is to offer world-class quality and the best, most innovative travel experience. Part of our commitment to all of our customers and the challenge we place on ourselves is to bet on the future and continue to improve every day,” stated Armando Valdivieso, LAN Airlines, CEO Passenger Business.

The majority of LAN’s long-haul reaching international flights already feature these novel services. On the Airbus A340 that operates the Europe and Oceania flights, the number of movies, games and CD’s will gradually increase with the goal of implementing the same content on the entire long-reach fleet.