Bees swarm tourists in France


MOULIDARS, France – Three British women were recovering after being attacked by a huge swarm of bees in what witnesses in France described as a scene from a horror movie.

One of the women was stung at least 500 times, emergency workers said.

The three tourists were swarmed Saturday by thousands of bees outside the Ardennes Chateau art gallery in Moulidars near Cognac, France, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

“It was like a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock horror film,” said Laure Moutet, who owns the chateau. “They were in their hair, on their necks, on their faces, on their blouses.”

The most badly injured was a woman in her 20s who was stung at least 500 times.

Two other women sought safety inside a car, but the bees flew in through a partially opened rear window and continued stinging them, the Telegraph reported.

The women were hospitalized and reported in good condition Sunday.