Renault Cape to Cape Adventure


A fleet of twelve cars on an adventurous trip christened Cape to Cape from the North Cape of Norway to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa organized by a French based company namely Renault is expected to arrive in Tanzania via Tarime on 31st May, 2009 and leave the country through Tunduma on 10th June, 2009.
While in the country the caravan will pass through places and tourist attractions including Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Manyara National Park, Langai, Mikumi National Park, Matema Beach, to mention but few, before crossing the border to Zambia. The flotilla will also pass through Meru, Lossongonoi in Arusha region, Hedaru and Pangani in Tanga region. Others are Bagamoyo in Coastal region, Dar es salaam city, Mandawa, Njombe in Iringa region and lastly, Tukuyu, Matema, and Tunduma in Mbeaya region.
By passing across Tanzania through the above mentioned tourist site our tourists attractions and a country as a whole will definitely gain a promotional merit as a tourist destination since the fleet will be accompanied by a team of journalists from different electronic and print media houses in French who will feature them in special TV programs, in newspapers and Radio stations as they would be shooting and writing about these sites as the convoy passes across them for promotional purposes in France and European countries in general.

According to the Renault Truck President Mr. Stefano Chmielewski, this new Renault Truck Adventure will be an opportunity for Renault Trucks to travel mythical and hitherto unknown routes under extreme conditions with an important cultural and human component. It will also be a unique opportunity to test the reliability of Ketrax and Sherpa vehicles equipped with Euro 4-5 technology under the most arduous conditions, ranging from freezing cold to baking hot, and driving at altitudes below sea level and over 4,000m
Cape to Cape fleet left the North Cape in Norway on March 1 this year heading to Cape of Good Hope in South Africa via European continent, Middle East and African Continent. In Europe the convoy will apart from Norway pass through Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, while Saudi Arabia is the only country in the Middle East. The expedition is expected to arrive at the destination in South Africa in July 8th, 2009 via Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia countries.