Airline crew wear nothing but body paint in latest ad


Its latest advertisement claims it has nothing to hide.

The Air New Zealand’s (ANZ) advertisement says: ‘At Air New Zealand our fares have nothing to hide, which is why the price you pay includes everything upfront.’

And the cabin crew highlighted this point by wearing nothing more than body paint in its new media campaign.

According to, more than 90 of the airline’s employees are featured in the cheeky campaign, with eight donning only body paint.

The airline’s chief executive, Mr Rob Fyfe, also took part in the ad, and was crowned New Zealand’s sexiest businessman.

In the ad, which was shown in New Zealand last Monday, passengers are shown smiling knowingly and looking shocked at the body-painted staff.

In the background, a song titled ‘Under my skin’ by New Zealand singer Gin Wigmore, plays.

In one scene, a female passenger said to her companion as two body-painted crew members walk past: ‘I do love a man in uniform.’

Sensitive body parts are creatively covered by beverage carts and luggage.

One of the body-painted crew members said she felt ‘naked’ when doing the advertisement, while another said it was ‘the most extreme thing’ she had ever done.

The advertisement aims to show that the airline’s fares do not have hidden fees for things such as in-flight drinks or for checking in.

The airline has also come up with a way to promote romance, reported the New Zealand Press Association.

A new venture called Love At First Flight, is aimed at helping single Americans find New Zealand dates.

The service, which will be launched with a ‘matchmaking flight’ on 13 Oct, has single US men and women board an ANZ flight in Los Angeles and head for Auckland.

HeraldNet reported that that flight, and others after it, would have pre-flight gate parties with themed food, drink, and games throughout the flight.

‘Matchmaking flight’ ticket holders are invited to upload their dating profile at, a social environment created for US and New Zealand singles to build online profiles and start connecting six months before the flight.

The single passengers will eventually arrive at Auckland Skycity’s Convention Centre for the Great Matchmaking Ball, said ANZ marketing general manager Steve Bayliss.

He said: ‘If your dating profile says you enjoy fine wine and long walks on the beach, then New Zealand is your perfect place for romance. Plus our down-to-earth, warm and wonderful people are an added bonus.

‘And let’s not forget the splendid Kiwi accent, what more could an American guy or girl looking for love ask for?’