Goa high on wedding tourism


(eTN) – Dream weddings in Miami and Bali are not unheard of – Goa has recently become a popular destination for couples around the world to plan their dream ocean-side weddings.

Pretash and Chetna have traveled from UK to plan their March 2008 wedding on a Goan beach.

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They hope to have atleast a 100 of their close friends and family in attendance as they exchange their vows. For this they need to work out logistics and other economics.

Their marriage planner is Ranjan Patnaik who runs an agency that specialises in putting together splendid Goan weddings for NRIs and foreign tourists.

Ranjan can take care of all types of needs, from the basic to the luxurious. He can easily be contacted at weddingplannersgoa.com.

Estimates show that annually Goa witnesses atleast 200 tourist weddings.

A German couple just got married in accordance to a Greek Orthodox custom, in a virtual palace built on the beach. Their planner even flew down a Greek Orthodox priest to conduct the ceremony.

The cost of such weddings, that are normally 2 to 4 day affairs could stretch anywhere between Rs 25 and 40 lakh depending on the couple’s demands.

This business earns foreign exchange and the five-stars have started working on a business model around such weddings.

Rajat Chatterjee, General Manager of Goa Marriot said, “Its all about getting the ‘wow’ into the wedding, having said that for us at the Goa Marriott we are creating a special wedding room which will have a different feel for different kinds of weddings.”

“We can do different venues, we can host weddings. We let the families of the bride and the groom who are orgainising the wedding get an understanding of what we can do in Goa. We are very excited to move forward with weddings, it is going to be a huge market for us.” He said.

With an increasing number of NRIs and foreigners marrying here, perhaps one could safely say that it is a viable market as people are ready to dish out for an Indian paradise in Goa.