The projects and programs that were implemented by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) in 2007 achieved a remarkable growth in the tourism activities and sectors. The inbound tourism trips have grown by 23% compared to 2006, whereas the internal trips have mounted by 4%. Tourism jobs and expenditures have increased by 4%.

The performance report of the SCTA’s annual action plan 2007 revealed that the number of SCTA’s projects was 71 in 2007. The budgets allocated for these projects reached SR 123.382.000. Twenty-eight percent of these projects were allocated for the marketing and media division, followed by the investment division with 23%, the antiquities and museums division with 18%, the support division and the deputy secretary general Division with 14% and the PTO Support Division with 4%. The report showed that the percentage of achievements of the approved projects was 84% – a total of 59 projects. There were 21 projects that were related to the achievement of strategic objectives – 30% of the total projects.

The report confirmed that the performance results showed the SCTA’s positive directions regarding the accomplishment of strategic objectives. The report urged to integrate between the different sectors’ projects to achieve a real tourism product under the umbrella of homogeneous secondary programs. That would be fulfilled through coordinating inputs and outputs of the projects and activities, with focus on projects related to the support of domestic tourism growth.