HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Saud Amir of Baha opened the Honey Festival at the Traditional Square, Baljurashi, KSA. The festival is supported by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) and organized by Tarfeeh Al-Khaleej establishment in collaboration with the Beekeepers Cooperative Association.

Abdul Rahman Al-Ghamdi, marketing specialist at Baha PTO commented, “SCTA’s support of this festival is derived from its approach to transform all the region’s investments into economical and job opportunities, in addition to attracting investments to the local community.”

Al-Ghamdi stated that the main components in Baha tourism development, which were designated by Baha PTO, were renovating the center of Baha and investing in natural parks and eco-lodges. The Honey Festival, which will end on August 30, includes several activities, such as scientific symposiums, treatment with bee stings, folkloric shows, poetry nights and traditional foods.