Government issues warning to travel agent for duping tourist


New Delhi (TVLW) – The Government has issued a warning to a travel agency for duping a British tourist and the Tourism Ministry has put in place a system to help foreign visitors.

This after CNN-IBN reported on the plight of Simon Wynn who was duped by Exotic Adventure Travel agency.

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Wynn said, “If India wants to do well at tourism, it needs to put a proper system in place.”

CNN-IBN decided to take Simon’s case to the ministry. And it found results. Taking cue from the Wynn case, the Ministry of Tourism was under pressure to put together an entire system in place for foreign travellers who choose to visit India. This time they promise a foolproof system that will ensure traveller safety.

Tourism ADG Sanjay Kothari said, “We have put an entirely new system in place where RPF DTTDC etc. will work in tandem with us to ensure safety of foreign travellers in India.”

The new plan entails proper security checks and facilitation centres for travellers.

Fully staffed and equipped international tourist centres to be set up at all railway stations, bus stands and airports in collaboration with the Delhi Tourism and Travel Development Corporation (DTTDC).

It also means working together with the Railway Police Force to keep a check on fraud. The ministry is sure that the new system will work.

Tourist Leda Vegas said, “Its is a good idea. Because many times you meet people who only want to cheat you.”

“We are looked at like dollars walking. We feel scared sometimes,” said another tourist Ines Cuesta.

When CNN-IBN decided to take up Simon Wynn’s case up with the ministry of tourism, it was only another complaint.

The ministry had written to its regional director forwarding Simon Wynn’s anguish but little else had been done. And foreign tourists only appreciate this new system.

It was only after CNN-IBN chased the ministry that a warning was issued to Exotic Adventure Tours.

The ministry has now told the travel operator that their work is being monitored and any further complaints could translate into total trouble.

Perhaps this will change an infected system and Simon Wynn can hope to see the real Incredible India some day.