The Second Saudi Tourism and Travel Investment Market (STTIM) is set to be held in Riyadh, March 2009. HRH Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, the secretary general of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) stated that the first STTIM succeeded in discussing a number of important issues concerning travel and tourism in the Kingdom. Adding that the next STTIM comes after the new regulations, in which SCTA started to take charge of several tourism sectors such as museums and antiquities, accommodation, travel and tourism. In addition, the SCTA SG commented that SCTA is keen on establishing the tourism investment infrastructure, and developing other related sectors.

The first STTIM aimed at marketing investment opportunities in major Saudi tourism projects. It presented a great opportunity for renowned real estate and tourism site developers. Arab and international speakers discussed the tourism investment in the Kingdom. The sessions and workshops included 25 papers which discussed topics related to tourism statistics, promising tourism investment opportunities, tourism investment – the facts and opportunities and sustainable development in tourism products.

STTIM was based on the results of growth scenarios of the Saudi tourism market which were conducted by SCTA, where the number of the tourism trips is expected to reach 141 million trips during the next 15 years.

SCTA has started early on to determine the impediments facing tourism investment in the Kingdom through conducting research, field studies and discussion groups, in which a large number of business men and investors participated. In addition, studies were conducted on best international practices that succeeded in attracting tourism investment, which resulted in enhancing the tourism investment environment and facilitation of the procedures for obtaining investment permits.

HRH Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, Amir of Riyadh inaugurated the first STTIM: “Tourism for Everyone… A Partnership for a Sustainable Development” last March in Al-Faysaleeyah Hotel, Riyadh. On the margin of the market folkloric shows, parades and traditional handicrafts were displayed in Al-Faysaleeyah Hotel and King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center.