Where to go for Canada’s clichés

TORONTO, Canada - So you're looking to explore Canada, eh?

Where to go for Canada’s clichés

TORONTO, Canada – So you’re looking to explore Canada, eh? If you’ve ever wanted to spot a moose, meet a Mountie or taste some of Canada’s liquid gold, aka maple syrup, this is the obvious list for you.

Food & Drink

Poutine – This dish was said to be born in Warwick, QC, which is known for its summer cheese festival, so it only makes sense to enjoy it in its birthplace.

Beer – A source of national pride, Canadians take their beers very seriously. For thirsty travellers, the Vancouver Craft Beer Market pours Canada’s largest selection of draft beers.

Canadian/Back Bacon – Does bacon music, comedy and cocktails sound good? Then mark July 4, 2014, in your calendar as Edmonton’s top chefs are coming together for Baconfest.

Maple syrup – More than a breakfast topping, in Île d’Orléans, QC, visitors can enjoy French-Canadian traditions, charm and savoury treats.


Moose – This prehistoric looking deer-cow hybrid is best viewed at Algonquin Park in Ontario, home to an estimated 3,500 moose. The best months for moose-spotting are May and June.

Beaver – Canada’s largest national park, Wood Buffalo, AB, is home to the largest beaver dam in the world. The dam took 40 years to make and is home to generations of beaver families.

Polar Bear – Churchill, MB, is one of the few human settlements where polar bears can be observed in the wild. Thousands of visitors from around the world visit each fall.

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Canadian Goose – Found in most provinces, they’re often near lakes and golf courses, but watch your head! A pack of 50 geese can produce two and a half tons of excrement in a year!

Culture & History

Mounties – Learn more about Canada’s version of the Queen’s Guards in Regina, SK, at the RCMP Heritage Centre.

Igloo – You may have heard of the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City but did you know it has themed rooms? Pretend you’re way up north and spend a night in an igloo, but with amenities!

Canadian Aboriginals – These indigenous groups are an important part of Canadian history and at Stanley Park in Vancouver you can experience their culture, art and native foods.

Toque – This hat is a Canadian staple, especially in cold weather. They also sell out quickly, like the Team Canada hat did this winter, get yours early at the West Edmonton Mall.

Biggest Canadian Flag – Like a cheerful candy cane, the Canadian flag fuses fire engine red with a distinctive design. Find a giant one in the tiny town of Falkland, BC.


Hockey – Canadians are known to live, breathe and sleep the national winter sport of hockey. Check out the largest hockey stick and puck in Duncan, BC.

La Crosse – The Toronto Rock, based in its namesake city, is one of the best teams in Canada’s official summer sport and are currently tied with Philadelphia with six championships.

Curling – Canadians dominate in this sport on the world stage and rinks can be found across the country, but start in Winnipeg as it’s often referred to as the curling capital of the world.

There’s a lot of Canada to soak in, so start planning now.

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