Indonesian ecotourism hotel venture now online


Eco Lodges Indonesia is proud to present, for the eco traveler, their new web site, which features four unique eco-friendly hotels for accommodation in Bali, Borneo (Kalimantan), Flores (Komodo), and Sumatra.

The site introduces the opportunity to experience the untouched magic of Indonesia. Here, you can walk with Komodo dragons; ride on Sumatran elephants; see endangered Sumatran rhinos and tigers; meet orangutans, gibbons, tarsiers, and monkeys in the rainforest jungles of Borneo; see magnificent, rare butterflies and birds; dive on pristine coral reefs; meander up river through dense tropical rainforests; even enjoy a game of cricket; a swim in the pool; or just relax in eco-friendly surroundings.

Eco Lodges Indonesia is deeply committed to the conservation of this rich bio-diverse area. A percentage of revenue goes to developing and supporting a range of conservation projects. It is a small company committed to ecotourism making a serious and professional contribution to biodiversity conservation and improving the livelihoods of the communities in the locations where they operate their Eco Lodges.

This includes the broader agenda of what sustainable tourism can do to contribute to the achievement of Indonesia’s commitment to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Рenvironmental sustainability, poverty alleviation, and gender equity, as well as health and education issues where our form of ecotourism can make a positive contribution.