eTN airline review of Air Seychelles

(eTN) - I recently took a flight from Abu Dhabi to the Seychelles, and then from Seychelles to Johannesburg on Air Seychelles.

eTN airline review of Air Seychelles

(eTN) – I recently took a flight from Abu Dhabi to the Seychelles, and then from Seychelles to Johannesburg on Air Seychelles.

First of all, let me say that my flights were fully paid for, and Air Seychelles did not have any influence on this article, nor do I have any commercial obligation to the airline.

I checked in at Victoria International Airport on the island of Mahe in Seychelles about an hour and 15 minutes before the flight.

Even though I had only a full-fare coach ticket, Air Seychelles allowed me to use the executive lounge at Mahe airport.

Check-in was quick and efficient. The security and passport control was thorough, and it took me less than 10 minutes to go through both.

Mahe airport is in need of renovation, and some duty-free stores were available within the international part of the small terminal. As it is everywhere in the Seychelles, no one is really eager to push sales on you, so browse through everything and buy if you like, there is never any pressure.

Mahe airport does not have jetways, so from the gate you simply walk to your aircraft. The airport was busy with planes ready to depart on Etihad, Emirates, Kenya Airways, and Air Seychelles.

My flight from the Seychelles to Mahe was bought from the South African Airways website and had South African Airlines flight numbers. When I checked in, I gave the check-in agent my United Airlines Mileage Plus account number, since South African Airways is a member of the Star Alliance. She entered this number in the computer, and it also showed up on my boarding pass, but only weeks later did I find out that I was unable to earn miles on United Airlines, since the flight was not operated by South African but Air Seychelles. I also have an Air Berlin frequent flier card accepted on Air Seychelles and would have used this, but this is now too late.

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I was given an aisle seat on Air Seychelles in a window row with three seats.

After take-off, I saw that a number of seats were open, so I changed into a middle row with an empty seat next to me.

The aircraft was modern and had a friendly island-style flair. The flight crew was from the Seychelles and served a tasty meal with complimentary wine in economy class.

Another 2 beverage runs were conducted during the 5-hour flight, and water was available. The entertainment system was the same excellent system operated by Etihad Airways. As a matter of fact, all planes were Etihad planes with Air Seychelles colors, but with Arabian language and English language signs.

The overall experience was pleasant, except when changing to a South African Airlines flight to Capetown in Johannesburg.

The Johannesburg International airport is confusing, signs are often misleading, and you’re expected to tip porters guiding you to the right way.

I almost missed my connection, but with a lot of running and paying a porter to get me in front of the security line, I made it. Unfortunately, my suitcases were not on my flight, but were delivered to my Capetown Hotel about 3 hours later.

All in all, flying on Air Seychelles was pleasant and an airline I would recommend booking.

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