A young French girl drowned while on holiday in Tunisia after her leg became trapped in the filter drain at the bottom of her hotel swimming pool, several sources said today.

The 14-year-old girl, who has not been identified, died on Sunday in a hospital clinic in Djerba, 500km from Tunis, after doctors tried to revive her, a source at the hotel said.

The accident happened when the girl jumped into the pool with her brother on Saturday and landed on the drain of the pool’s filter pump system, whose safety grill had broken off.

A French tourist, who witnessed the accident, said the girl had been “sucked into the filter drain, which did not have a grill over it” and lifeguards were not able to stop the machine in time.

The four-star hotel in the south of Tunisia is part of the Spanish Sol Melia chain.

A Tunisian legal source confirmed the girl’s death “following an accident in the swimming pool at Hotel Melia Palm Azur”, 30km from Djerba airport and said an investigation was underway.

The girl’s body was transported back to France on Tuesday.