Tourism this week in Latin American

CHILE Sernatur promotes the first “ufology tourism” route

Tourism this week in Latin American

Sernatur promotes the first “ufology tourism” route
The National Service of Tourism (Sernatur) began the promotion of the first “ufology tourism” route to attract tourists interested in the sighting of UFOS, of which San Clemente is considered one of the most “visited” places. The route includes a path 30km long passing through places where UFOS have been sighted.

LAN installs larger range of entertainment for passengers of long-distance flights
LAN will offer passengers a new service of programs aboard; they will be able to choose among music, games and all kinds of films. The Tourist class will offer individual high resolution screens and cinema format in each of its seats, through which more than 85 alternatives are available; 32 films, 55 series and documentary channels.

Tam and Lufthansa with new flights in shared code to Sao Paulo
Lufthansa and Tam offer 21 flights per week in shared code between Germany and Brasil enabling the option of connections between Munich or Frankfurt and Sao Paulo. Furthermore, both companies will facilitate the connection flights to their respective local destinations, by which the passengers of Lufthansa who travel in a flight with destination to Sao Paulo will be able to travel to other destinations within Brasil. TAM installed special connection counters in the Airport of Sao Paulo to facilitate the flights.

United and US Airways will cease operations in September
United Airlines and US Airways will cease to fly to Guatemala as from September 2 due to the increase in fuel and the reduction of demand. United Airlines had 3 flights per week from Los Angeles and US Airways flew twice per week to North Carolina. This year there are 5 airlines which have canceled their flights to the country; ATA which is also a North American company and the Mexican companies Interjet and Aeromexico.

Jumbo from Aerosur will fly to Madrid once a week
AerSur annonounced that the Jumbo 747-300, baptized as Torisimo, will fly to Madrid once a week. Furthermore, with the inclusion of Torisimo and the Boeing 767-200, it will operate on the Madrid and Miami routes. The airline is in the process of negotiations to have Boeing and Airbus aircrafts to renew it fleet, this as from 2012.

Culture museum Chiribaya is new touristic attraction of Arequipa
The Chiribaya Archaeological Museum, which houses 270 pieces of said culture which settled in the port of Ilo (Moquegua) between the years 800 and 1350, was inaugurated in Arequipa with the aim of becoming one of the touristic attractions of this city. The site consists of 9 rooms where pieces such as fishing, agricultural objects can be appreciated, as well as other items of the daily livelihood of the ancient Chiribaya. There are also ceramics, fabrics and gold and silver work of an antiquity of more than 1.000 years.

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Inflatable raft race will promote Amazon River candidatur
In September, the tenth edition of the International Raft Race along the Amazon River will take place. This event will be used to back its candidature in the competition which will elect the 7 natural wonders of the world. The competition, which this year will distribute more than S/. 13.000 in prizes for the teams which reach the top 3 places, also aims to promote this department’s touristic attractions and position the Peruvian origin of the Amazon.

Recovery of the Hotel Continental of Bogota
The Hotel Continental of Bogota is being restored to convert it into a residential and commercial center with an investment equivalent to US$ 17 million. Its reconstruction will be concluded at the end of this year and is part of a plan to revive the city center which had been an insecure and abandoned area during decades, despite its architectural richness.

Chicxulub crater will be converted into ecological park
The Chicxulub crater, in Yucatan, place where it is believed a meteor fell which eliminated the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, will accommodate an ecological and didactic park which will take advantage of the enormous touristic flow. The project, named “Meteorito Park”, wants to become another attraction for foreign tourists who would be only hours away from the main routes and crater which is today what remains of the end of the dinosaurs.

Interjet began operations
Interjet began its operations in the International Airport of Mexico City (IAMC), although at first it will only offer 3 routes between IAMC and the cities of Monterrey, Guadalajara and Cancun. The second leg will begin as from September 1, 2008 when there will already be a complete service from both airports.

Marriott Rewards and Aeromexico will offer discount plan to clients
Marriott International and Aeromexico signed an agreement which will benefit members of the “Marriott Rewards loyalty” program; when they stay in the company’s hotels they will be able to win extra mileage by means of the Aeromexico Club Premier plan. The Marriott Rewards points can be obtained in more than 2.800 hotels in 65 countries and can be exchanged for hotel stays, frequent flyer mileage, automobile rental, cruises, retail purchases among others.

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