R.O.A.R.: Prove the summit benefits you claim!


Minister of Trade and Industry, Mariano Browne, and prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Patrick Manning, keep insisting that the Summit of the Americas was beneficial, what and where are the benefits? They are talking and talking and talking but not offering anything of substance that we can rely on or trust!

What the public can expect now is to hear this government claiming that you won’t see the benefits now, it takes time! Time is the cover they will now hide under till the end of time itself!

The Trinidad and Tobago government will attempt to put a spin on the issue until the public forgets about it, and knowing how peoples’ minds work, it will be forgotten soon and the government will be off the hook.

It is now up to the journalist and citizens of TT to keep the pressure on the government to show concrete proof that this Summit was indeed beneficial. We must not let the government off the hook, be it a week, a month or a year and beyond, we must keep at them and not allow them to deceive us, ever again!

I am certain they are all sitting down and waiting for us to forget about this Summit, so they will not have to account for it. Don’t let that happen TT, shame on us if we do.

This Summit was too costly, while nothing meaningful is being accomplished to alleviate the day-to-day cries of our citizens.

There is no real proof that the hosting of these Summits brought any real short or long term benefits to the nations who hosted it before. Anything from our government to the contrary is deceitful.

The people must prove to the government, and themselves, that we are not a third world people, sitting silently while our third world government destroy and squander our future with their fantasy island thinking.

The government talks a lot, but offer no proof of benefits, not only with the Summit but in many other areas of governance. Something this government has become notorious for.