Phuket cancels the April to November ‘low season’


Phuket, Thailand – A group of local hoteliers and businesses in Phuket, Thailand have “canceled” Low Season – April 15 through November 1 – and are renaming the period more appropriately Summer Season to better reflect the fact that Phuket is one of the world’s top year-round vacation and second home destinations.

“We’re going to have a bit of fun with this campaign which starts with ‘canceling the Low Season,’” says Nick Anthony, managing director of Indigo Real Estate, “and hopefully in the process expose to the world the fact that during summer (April-November), the period formerly known as the Low Season, Phuket has an abundance of delightful sunny weather. Cooling afternoon showers sometimes refresh the island and setup spectacular sunsets and it’s also a time of good value with lower occupancy, great deals on rates and generally a quieter island that hums with local festivals.”

The six-month international public relations campaign and Internet promotion launching Summer in Phuket also looks to counter negative media reports about the effects of the global economic downturn and internal Thailand political issues.

On the heels of Phuket being named the number one luxury destination by the New York Times in January, the group is taking a proactive approach to promote Phuket and to support tourism.

“We’re looking to change the incorrect perception of Low Season that the weather in Phuket is poor. Phuket is a great destination which also has enjoyable sunny weather right through the year,” commented Dominique Rongé at The Chedi Phuket, one of the campaign’s major supporters. “We need to be proactive in delivering our positive message to our audiences that Phuket’s luxury market is thriving despite the world tailspin and that we’re open all year for business.”

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