Jordan tourism is literally thinking outside the box


Not only is the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) utilizing the philosophy of thinking outside the box, they have gone one step further by actually thinking “on” the box. Under an agreement signed between DHL Express and JTB, DHL will place a sticker of Petra – printed, paid for, and provided by JTB – on all outbound shipments and packages from Jordan for an entire year to help promote Jordan as a tourism destination.

Also under the agreement, which began on April 15, 2009, the Jordan Tourism Board will place a logo of DHL on its Calendar of Events website ( during the same period.

JTB managing director Nayef Al-Fayez expressed pleasure at the signing of the agreement saying JTB was looking forward to a fruitful partnership with DHL. He said, “This agreement will provide a new and valuable window to promote Jordan as a unique tourist destination.”

On his part, DHL Express general manager Turgay Sarikaya said his company was equally pleased at this agreement, adding that, “All shipments and packages originating from Jordan to all destinations worldwide will carry a JTB sticker with a picture of Petra on it.”

The Jordan Tourism Board has said that the World Wonder is the jewel in the crown of Jordan’s unique and unparalleled sites and destinations and that its marketing strategy has used Petra as the gateway to world of Jordanian wonders.