eTN Inbox: Leave Dubai alone!


I am reading the sad and sorry revenge letters from certain people at your columns or in the newspapers. We live here and work here. Witness all first hand.

Of course I do not know why these people are trying to bash Dubai? They certainly have sour grapes on something. Yes, the construction of many projects slowed down or on hold for the time being but is it going with full force all around the world? Yes, the real estate sector that has been pumped up to unfair prices by the speculators and the expatriate real estate agents to pocket bigger commissions have gone down and got into the correction phase. Yes these speculators and bogus real estate industry members left their sports cars and deserted the country. What about Madoff and Sathyam? Are these only happening here in Dubai? Definitely not.

I was out and about to see what is going on in Dubai Tourism as it is part of job and very happily noticed that the city is full with tourist buses, flights are coming in full. Hotels and beaches are full. Creek was full of tour boats and the banks were covered with folks enjoying the sun and the sea. All the tourist attraction related projects are going with full force. I cannot believe the construction speed of the skyscrapers going up around where I live in Jumeira Lake Towers. One lake is filled already and as far as I can see from my home second one will be full in a month or so. Metro is coming up right on time. New piers are being constructed for public transport and shuttle services at the creek and the palm.

Dubai had a great year in hotel occupancy in 2008. May be it might be a little less in 2009 in comparison to the last year. Still which country had such a high occupancy rate with such high RevPAR in 2008? Even it will drop a little which we are not sure, Dubai will still have a great year, way better than the country of sour grape authors.

I am attaching a couple of pictures for your review. These were taken at recently. They are the best proof of a very HELLO DUBAI!

With my sincere regards,
Bahadir Yasa
Citymax Hotel, Landmark Gulf Group