Air Tahiti Nui helps alleviate disruptions caused by Happy Vacations closure


Following the unfortunate collapse of Happy Vacations, Air Tahiti Nui is making every effort to assist the tour operator’s French Polynesia-bound clients to ensure that their holidays are not disrupted.

“We are sad to lose Happy Vacations; they were a great partner over the years and sent a lot of travelers to our beautiful Tahitian islands,” said Nick Panza, vice president Americas, Air Tahiti Nui. “We recognize that many guests who have planned trips with the company will be impacted by this sudden cessation of business, and we want to make their re-booking process as seamless as possible.”

As such, Air Tahiti Nui has put in place the following procedures:

1. For all client(s) who have already been ticketed or are in possession of their ticket(s), it is recommended that they reconfirm their flights via their travel agent, tour operator, or directly with Air Tahiti Nui.

2. For client(s) who had a booking with Happy Vacations but have not made any deposit payment, they may rebook directly with the airline or via their travel agent or tour operator. Their original fare and booking class as arranged by Happy Vacations will be honored by Air Tahiti Nui.

3. For client(s) who have paid for their air ticket(s) or made a deposit for their air ticket(s) using a credit card, they should contact the credit card company to obtain a full refund. They should make a new booking(s) with the airline directly or via their travel agent or tour operator.

4. For client(s) who have paid by check, they should make a new booking directly with the airline or via their travel agent or tour operator. If client(s) do not have travel insurance, they or their travel agent should send us a copy of the deposited check made with Happy Vacations. Air Tahiti Nui will then review the booking with all consideration.

Travel agents and tour operators should contact Air Tahiti Nui’s inside sales department for further information; consumers may contact the reservations department at 1-877-824-4846.