Timeline: Recent major airline disasters

A passenger plane crashed at the airport of Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek with around 120 people on board, Russian news agencies reported on Sunday.

A passenger plane crashed at the airport of Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek with around 120 people on board, Russian news agencies reported on Sunday.

Here is a chronology of major airline disasters in the last two years:

August 22, 2006 – A Russian Tu-154 operated by Pulkovo Airlines crashes 30 miles north of the east Ukrainian town of Donetsk, killing all 170 passengers and crew.

September 29 – One hundred and fifty-four people are killed when a Boeing 737-800 operated by the low-cost Gol airline crashes in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil’s worst plane disaster.

October 29 – A Boeing 737 operated by domestic carrier ADC, crashes after take off on a flight from Abuja to Sokoto. Only seven of the 106 people aboard the flight survived. Among the dead was Ibrahim Muhammadu, who as Sultan of Sokoto was the leader of the Muslim community.

January 1, 2007 – An Indonesian Boeing 737-400 operated by budget carrier Adam Air disappeared from radar screens during a flight from Java to Sulawesi islands. Wreckage was located at sea 10 days later. All 102 passengers and crew were killed.

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May 5 – All 114 people on board a Kenya Airways Boeing 737 are killed after the plane crashed in torrential rain after takeoff from Douala in Cameroon en route to Nairobi.

July 17 – A Brazilian TAM passenger plane crashes into buildings when trying to land in Sao Paulo, killing 199 people aboard and on the ground.

September 16 – One-Two-Go, a budget Thai airliner carrying 123 passengers and several crew crashes on landing at the resort island of Phuket. At least 85 of the 123 passengers were killed and five of the seven crew.

November 30 – An Atlasjet MD83 crashes near Keciborlu, Turkey. The plane was on a domestic flight from Istanbul to Isparta when it disappeared from radar screens. All 57 people aboard were killed.

August 20, 2008 – A Spanair MD-82, flying to the Canary Islands with 166 passengers and six crew, crashes on takeoff at Madrid airport killing 154 people. The remaining 18 are seriously injured.

August 24 – A Boeing-737 belonging to a private Kyrgyz company Itek-Air and bound for Iran, crashes at Bishkek airport. Officials say 25 people out of 90 aboard survive the crash.

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