Body. Mind. Madeira.


In the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the center of Europe, are the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo. The archipelago is famous for its friendly people, natural beauty, and mild climate. Madeira and Porto Santo are the ideal places to relax and restore the balance of mind and body that you need to face the stress of daily life.

In 2006, Madeira changed its international marketing domination from “Madeira” to “Madeira Islands,” representing the two main islands of the archipelago, Madeira and PortoSanto. This change drove to adopt their .travel extension as their main domain, as well as and, to market in Portugal.

When asked why chose to adopt to .travel, promotion director Maria Luisa Perestrello stated, “.Travel tells the world what industry we are in and offers great search results.” currently uses their domain name in all of its marketing materials including at expos and on business cards. With over 84 million hits to the website in 2008, expects to reach as many visitors as possible to their site and to the Madeira Islands. Most of their main market is in Europe, but the Madeira Islands receive several tourists from the USA, Canada, Brazil, and Asia.’s presence on the Internet is the main communication media for these markets.

The website is operated by the Madeira Official Tourism Board. The mission of the Madeira Official Tourism Board is to study, coordinate, promote, carry out, and monitor tourism. The board acts in accordance with the government policies for the tourism industry to develop sustainable, balanced tourism in the Madeira Autonomous Region – Madeira and Porto Santo Islands. The tourism board is a non-profit organization, which is operated and financed by the regional government.

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