Two Million Tourists Visit Cuba in 2007


Havana (TVLW) – Cuba reached the two-million-tourist mark on Saturday, when the achievement was celebrated in the tourist resort in Jardines del Rey, in the central-north region of the country.

In order to take part in the celebrations, a group of tour operators, travel agents and tourism executives travelled to Jardines del Rey, which is considered Cuba’s fastest-growing tourist destination.

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Cuba has received more than two million vacationers for four years in a row, officials from the Ministry of Tourism recalled.

Jardines del Rey, which has 16 excellent beaches, 11 of which are being used with ten hotels, is located in the Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago, made up of 2 515 keys and 3 088 square miles of marine platform.

It is regarded as an ideal place to practice scuba diving and other nautical sports.

The main destination in Jardines del Rey is Cayo Coco, which is in high demand by foreign tourists. Cayo Guillermo is another major attraction in the region.

Jardines del Rey (King’s Gardens) was named by Conquistador Diego Velazquez in 1522 in honor of Spanish King Ferdinand the Catholic.