East Africans Urged to Visit Tourist Attractions


(eTN) – Few East Africans visit the Lake Manyara National Park compared with foreign tourists.

That is the trend although East Africans pay a lower entry fee than other tourists, the national park head, Mr Mtango Mtahiko, said.

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Each East African pays a Sh1,500 fee while a tourist out of the region is charged $35 (Sh43,000).

The park hosted 100,839 foreign tourists in the last financial year, 93,147 the previous year and 85,327 in 2004/05.

Only 8,450 East Africans visited the park last year. The number was higher than 7,637 and 5,757 in 2005/06 and 2004/05 respectively.

Mr Mtahiko said after signing the East African Community agreement, fees charged on the citizens of the countries became uniform.

That was done to promote domestic tourism but little pace has been made.

He called on East Africans to create a culture of visiting tourism sites in the region to enjoy abundant wealth of natural attractions.

He hopes the trend will also boost tourism.