After eighteen months of project activities, partneship of seven European countries launched on the web site a trial operation of E-Vocabulary – free online vocabulary in 21 European languages, specifically aimed at the hotel and tourism vocational terminology.

The project, realized and co-financed by Leonardo da Vinci Educational Program is aimed to develope an on-line tool, which will give the workers in the Hotel and Tourism Industry firstly, an opportunity to upgrade their professional skills and to acquire competencies and skills necessary to join an open European labour market, secondly an opportunity to get better access to professional information within the industry on a European wide level The on-line vocabulary will also help as a tool for language teaching in vocational education.

At present with the continuous evolving expansion of the Internet and other modern communication technologies, the on-line working vocabulary will compliment and enhance the current mechanicisms in place and ensure a variety of users ranging from low to high skilled workers from within the Hotel and Tourism Industry throughout the European Community.

Any feedback, reminder or suggestion to the trial operation on is warmly welcomed and help to adjust the product to perfection for hospitality and tourism users.