LONDON (August 20, 2008) – The International Tourism Partnership (ITP), the leading umbrella organization of responsible companies in the travel and tourism industry, today announced the release of the third edition of its Environmental Management for Hotels, an industry-acclaimed guide to quality environmental management and sustainable operations.

In keeping with ITP’s mandate of guiding the hospitality industry in its approach to responsible tourism, the manual provides hotels and other related businesses with the knowledge and means to develop practical solutions to green their operations. The manual focuses on key areas such as energy management, water conservation, waste management, purchasing and supply chains, food safety and environmental health, as well as case studies to guide companies as they implement these practices.

The manual is an invaluable working tool with its wealth of reference material designed to promote successful resource management. Providing support for ITP’s industry-leading efforts is Robert Kennedy, vice president Technical Services Europe, Hilton International. “Hilton issued the first edition to all of its hotels when it was initially published. I used it as a property engineer and found it to be very useful. Since then, I have ensured that all of our new acquisitions have been issued a copy. This is one of the most practical and certainly the most-thumbed informational publication in any Engineer’s office,” he stated.

ITP recognizes that for the travel and tourism industry to ensure effective environmental management, it must be provided with the appropriate tools to facilitate this course of action. It is with this goal that the manual was developed. Lyndall De Marco, executive director of ITP stated, “Environmental Management for Hotels is written for frontline staff who are charged with delivering environmental improvement. In reality, this means everyone, as successful environmental management requires the support of the entire organization. In many establishments, the manual will be a key handbook used by the property engineer. However, it is designed to be readily understood by all members of a hotel’s green committee.”