Tourism to Geneva may include sex with a Swiss prostitute, but some rules apply


Tourism to Switzerland may include sex for sale. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland but subject to regulation. One of this regulation is the use of condoms also for oral services.

Geneva cantonal justice authorities slapped tourist attraction the Venusia parlour in Geneva with the financial penalty after it explicitly offered “royal” or “imperial” fellatio among the range of services to customers provided by prostitutes in its employ.

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The authorities maintain that oral sex provided without the use of condoms is against the law on prostitution and that it puts prostitutes at the risk of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.

Geneva’s security department initially fined Venusia on November 29th 2012 but the parlour appealed the decision in January 2013.

The cantonal court rejected the appeal earlier this month with a decision that upheld the fine.

The owner of Venusia, identified as Lisa, told 20 Minutes she did not see why she should pay a fine for a law that is exceptional to Geneva.

“In all the rest of Switzerland, natural or ‘royal’ fellatio can be mentioned,” she is quoted as saying by the newspaper.

“Furthermore, since the girls of the parlour are independent, they can do what they want inside the premises.”

The owner’s lawyer said his client believes the regulations of Geneva’s security department go beyond the limits set by the law.