Tourism this week in Latin America

BRAZIL Rio will have a touristic bus

Tourism this week in Latin America

Rio will have a touristic bus
Riotur will begin operating a bus for tourists in Rio de Janeiro with routes that pass through the main points of the city. Authorizations for companies interested in offering this service will be delivered before the end of the year so that by next year the service will be operational. The passages will have a fixed price, valid for one or more days.

American-Delta will fly to Manaus, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Recife
The DOT of the United States authorized Delta Air Lines and American Airlines to operate new flights to Brazil. American will fly the Miami-Salvador-Recife route daily, as well as four weekly frequencies to Belo Horizonte. Both flights will begin in November. Delta has a daily flight between Manaus-Atlanta and another between Recife, Fortaleza and Atlanta four times per week beginning in December.

TAM begins flying between Recife and Buenos Aires
TAM began its daily service between Recife and Buenos Aires, with stopovers in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

Regional to begin flights in September
At the end of September, Regional Paraguaya Lineas Aereas will begin flying from Asuncion and Ciudad del Este to Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. According to its officials, routes to the United States and Europe would also be included. Furthermore, the entity is considering the possibility of beginning flights to Miami via Lima in the middle of next year, and to Madrid at the end of 2009.

Tourist lodge at the Pampalarama lagoon completed in La Paz
The Tourism Office completed the construction of the first touristic lodge in the Pampalarama lagoon. It has 10 rooms and the necessary furnishings with a capacity for 20 people. It will open its doors at the end of August.

Machu Picchu maintains visiting hours between 6:00 and 4:00
The INC Cusco director denied stories propagated by some local press who claimed that two shifts had been established for entry into the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. He explained that the citadel’s visiting hours are from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm from Monday to Sunday, thus mitigating the congestion that used to occur in the past.

Discovery of pre-Hispanic tombs with textiles in a good state of conservation
Approximately 15 tombs with human remains from a pre-Hispanic burial were discovered in a burial cave in the sanctuary, accompanied by textiles in a good state of conservation and remains of ceramics. The discovery is important because the humidity and passage of time deteriorate the funerary wrappings or clothing of the buried dead, thus making the finding of preserved textiles unusual.

Snow-covered Huascaran Mountain will not disappear during the next 20 years
Investigators from Peru and the French IRD (Institute of Investigation and Development) declared that the snow-topped Huascaran will not disappear during the next 20 years because it is the highest point of Peru, and also has a very important glacial mass guaranteeing this. Investigators point out that from the ‘60s until now the surface of glaciers are reducing, and some are decreasing more rapidly than others.

Evaluation of Amazon waterfall concludes that it is 670 meters high
An initial evaluation carried out by the expedition who left for the viewing area of a waterfall which was thought to be higher than the Gocta (711 m), concluded that this one measures 670 meters and is among the highest of Peru.

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Rio Shilcayo to begin construction of two touristic lodges in the Amazonas department
The hotel and convention center Rio Shilcayo will begin the construction of two touristic lodges in the Amazonas department in September, announced its general manager, Luis Dalman. The beginning of construction of both lodges was planned for March or April this year, but had to be postponed because of the rain in the region. The first project is a lodge located opposite the Kuelap fortress, which will have 10 rooms. The second project is a lodge opposite the Gocta waterfall with 8 rooms.

Highway will be built to link Panama and Venezuela
Colombia may join Panama and Venezuela with the construction of a 2,200 km two lane road. The project, which will be carried out along the Caribbean coast between Palo de Letras and Paraguachon, could take between 12 and 15 years and will be given the name “Highway of the Americas” (Autopista de las Américas). The megaproject, presented in the Colombian city of Barranquilla by Carlos Ramirez, the manager and director of the Santa Marta Paraguachon concession, will move ahead if given the “green light” on behalf of the government, “to create the country’s largest concessionary company in Latin America’s most ambitious road project.”

Aero Republic signed agreement with Alitalia
Aero Republic signed an interline agreement with Alitalia enabling it to offer more travel alternatives between Colombia and the main Italian cities via Caracas, a destination serviced daily by the two airlines. The Italian company operates a daily flight on the Roma-Caracas route and Aero Republic operates one daily flight from Bogota and another from Medellin to Caracas.

Spirit Airlines to fly to Rionegro in November
Spirit Airlines will begin operations on the Rionegro-Fort Lauderdale route. With this flight it will complete three ports of destination in the country to the city in the state of Florida in the United States.

New tourism web site
Sectur presented the new on-line reservation and marketing on-line service through the website:, a new alternative for the purchase and realization of trips through the Internet. The website will be the platform for an Comprehensive Tourist Website that aims to bring together all the local tourism offers, including large corporations as well as small and medium enterprises equally from all the states, offering them access to the global market.

Installation in Cancun of tourist locaters for hurricane season
A system to locate tourists in case of hurricanes, and to which the 30 accredited consulates in the area would have access, was installed in Cancun and the Maya Riviera, in Quintana Roo. The system, which will be accessible online, will have information about the area where the tourists are staying in case an approaching hurricane forces them to relocate in shelters or other hotels which won’t be affected.

Presentation in Cancun of travel guide “in & out” for the Mexican Caribbean
A special travel guide called “in & out”, created for foreign holders of American Express Premium cards, was presented in Cancun. American Express presented the new travel guide “in & out the best of the Mexican Caribbean” to business associates, clients, special guests and the press.

JetBlue will launch a new direct connection between San Juan and Santo Domingo
JetBlue plans to launch its first Inter-Caribbean service with daily direct flights between San Juan and Santo Domingo as of December 2008. It will also offer improved service between the Caribbean and the United States for the winter holiday season with direct flights between Santo Domingo and Boston; these also being subject to the government’s approval. At the same time, it will add more flights to the existing routes from San Juan to Boston and from Puerto Plata, Santiago and Santo Domingo to New York.

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