Merger between OpenSkies and L’Avion completed


OpenSkies, an all business airline, announced today that it has completed its merger with L’Avion, the first all business class French airline. The combined airline is now referred to as OpenSkies.

A premium subsidiary of British Airways, OpenSkies has been working to fully integrate L’Avion since it acquired the airline in 2008. This is the first European transatlantic merger to include full integration.

Dale Moss, managing director of OpenSkies said, “We are pleased that the completion of our merger with L’Avion went very smoothly and look forward to the array of opportunities for the new airline. Marc Rochet, former L’Avion CEO, was instrumental and an invaluable resource leading the technical and operational aspect of the merger. Amid the current economic environment, OpenSkies offers the kind of value that is a rarity in the industry: a premium flying experience without prohibitive costs. For business and leisure travelers, value is of critical importance in this tough time, and we remain committed to offering travelers a broad range of services, amenities, and value, all at a competitive price.”

Travelers flying the new OpenSkies will benefit from additional enhancements and will receive the same advantages they experienced with both L’Avion and OpenSkies – flexible pricing structure, premium comfort, personalized service, and exceptional value. The new OpenSkies will provide customers with the best of both airlines.